The U. S. Book of Common Prayer


Current (1979) U. S. Edition:

1979BCP.gif (1861 bytes)Basic Pew Edition:

The same book that's in your local Episcopal church. Red cloth binding; 5 x 7.
$11.70 (35% off list); publ. Church Publishing


Other Pew Editions:

7 x 5, in Red or Black
$14.30 (35% off list), publ. Harper 1991

Red or Black, 8½ x 6
$18.89 (35% off list), publ. Oxford 1999

Personal Editions:

"Leatherflex" binding in Blue or Red ($10.78, 23% off list), 4 x 6, publ. Harper

"Economy", hardcover, black: small, low-priced
$12.99 (35% off), 4 3/8 x 6, publ. Oxford 2000.

Hardcover, Black, Red, Blue, 6 x 4
(out of print, but should be avilable used), publ. Oxford 1986

Gift Editions:

These generally have have "presentation pages" in the front of the book, and have more expensive bindings, ribbons, etc. The text is identical to the pew editions in content and appearance. They make good personal copies, too. And will do gift wrapping!

Oxford Gift BCP CoverGenuine leather, Burgundy, Blue, White, or Black, 6 x 5
$37.79 (37% off list), publ. Oxford 1986

Deluxe imitation leather, Black, Wine: 6 x 4 3/8.
$15.74 (37% off list), publ. Oxford 2000.


Book of Common Prayer / NRSV Bible Combinations:

(all of these appear to be currently out of print, but new editions are promised in August)

Genuine leather burgundy, with button flap cover;
$78.75 (37% off list), publ. Oxford 2000.

Black, genuine leather also Burgundy
$63.00 (37% off list), publ. Oxford 1993

Bonded leather, Burgundy or Black
$50.40 (37% off list), publ. Oxford 1993

Red cloth binding, 5 5/8 x 8 1/8,
$32.99 (34% off list), publ. Oxford 1993



1928 Edition:

1928 Book of Common Prayer:

Oxford 1928 BCPLeather binding, in Black.
$40.94 (37% off list); publ. Oxford 1993, 5 x 8.

Bonded Leather, in Black or Burgundy
$28.34 (37% off list), publ. Oxford 1993, 5 x 8.

Hardcover, in Black or Burgundy
($18.89, 37% off); publ. Oxford 2000, 5 x 7.


Related Works:

BOS.gif (1900 bytes)Book of Occasional Services (2003 ed.):

Lesser used liturgies which didn't make it into the Book of Common Prayer.

The Table of Contents for the 1991 edition is given below:    

The Church Year
Anthems at the Candle Lighting (Lucernaria) 
Anthems at the Breaking of Bread (Confractoria) 
Seasonal Blessings 
Concerning the Advent Wreath 
Advent Festival of Lessons and Music 
Vigil for Christmas Eve 
Station at a Christmas Creche 
Christmas Festival of Lessons and Music Service for New Year's Eve 
Blessing in Homes at Epiphany 
Vigil for the Eve of the Baptism of Our Lord 
Candlemas Procession 
The Way of the Cross 
On Maundy Thursday
   At the Foot-washing 
   On Reserving the Sacrament 
   On the Stripping of the Altar 
Agape for Maundy Thursday 
Blessings over Food at Easter 

Blessing in Homes at Easter 
Rogation Procession 
Vigil for the Eve of All Saints' Day or the Sunday after All Saints' Day 
Service for All Hallows' Eve 

Pastoral Services
Welcoming New People to a Congregation
When Members Leave a Congregation 
Preparation of Adults for Holy Baptism 
   Concerning the Catechumenate 
   Admission of Catechumens 
   During the Catechumenate 
   Enrollment of Candidates for Baptism 
   During Candidacy 
Vigil on the Eve of Baptism

Preparation of Baptized Persons for Reaffirmation of the Baptismal Covenant
   Concerning Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows
   The Welcoming of Baptized Christians into a Community 
   The Calling of the Baptized to Continuing Conversion
   Maundy Thursday Rite of Preparation for the Paschal Holy Days
Celebration for a Home
Blessing of a Pregnant Woman
The Preparation of Parents and Godparents for the Baptism of Infants and Young Children
   Concerning the Service
   Adaptation for Special Circumstances
Anniversary of a Marriage
A Public Service of Healing
Concerning Exorcism
Burial of One Who Does Not Profess the Christian Faith
Commissioning for Lay Ministries in the Church
Dedication of Church Furnishings and Ornaments
The Founding of a Church 
   Ground Breaking
   Laying of a Cornerstone
Restoring of Things Profaned
Secularizing a Consecrated Building
Distribution of Holy Communion

Episcopal Services
Consecration of Chrism Apart from Baptism 
   A Proper for the Consecration of Chrism
Reaffirmation of Ordination Vows
A Service for the Ending of a Pastoral Relationship and Leave-taking from a Congregation
Recognition and Investiture of.a Diocesan Bishop
Welcoming and Seating of a Bishop in the Cathedral
Setting Apart for a Special Vocation

$22.00 (list), publ. Church Publishing, 2004

LF&F.gif (1697 bytes)Lesser Feasts and Fasts (2003 ed.):

Collects, Bible readings, and short biographies of all those commemorated in the Episcopal Calendar. Also, collects and Bible readings for the weekdays of Lent and Easter. An excellent addition for daily personal devotions.

Hardcover, 518p.
$23.00 (list), publ. Church Publishing, 2004

Psalter for the Christian People: An Inclusive-Language Revision of the Psalter of the Book of Common Prayer 1979

Gail Ramshaw & Gordon W. Lathrop, eds.
A fairly conservative revision of the 1979 BCP Psalter designed to make the language more inclusive.
208pp.. Paperback
$19.95 list; Liturgical Press, 1993


Other Versions:
(Not available through

Church Publishing ( puts out several additional versions of the 1979 U. S. Book of Common Prayer, including large print, a BCP/Hymnal combination, CD-ROM, and French, Spanish and Chinese versions. All are available for purchase online.

The more commonly used portions of the 1979 BCP have been translated into Italian and German, and may be purchased through the Convocation of American Churches in Europe.

The Book of Common Prayer (less the lectionary and traditional language services) in Korean is available from Episcopal Parish Services.

Parts of the U. S. BCP have been translated into Vietnamese by St. Patrick's, Falls Church, Va. Contact them for details.

Holy Eucharist, Rites I and II, have been translated into Hawaiian by the Diocese of Hawaii. Address inquiries to them.

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