Whitby Abbey

The ruins of Whitby Abbey (20,466 bytes) Whitby Abbey (31,893 bytes) Whitby Abbey (31,105 bytes) Whitby Abbey, with the North Sea coast behind (25,188 bytes) Whitby Abbey closer up (25,194 bytes)
Whitby abbey (24,989 bytes) some of the columns at the abbey (48,589 bytes) nave of ruined church, Whitby Abbey (41,668 bytes) That day there were midieval singers and falconers to entertain (24,706 bytes) Singers on midieval period instruments (33,979 bytes)
The played a wide variety of instruments (33,363 bytes) The falconer (37,955 bytes) The bird gets his reward (43,212 bytes) The Endeavor was in port that day. (45,653 bytes)  

Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral (29,057 bytes) Another view of the cathedral (41,727 bytes) Some gargoyles high on the wall of Durham Cathedral (45,518 bytes) Another sculpture on the wall of the Cathedral (45,487 bytes)

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