Lindisfarne, or Holy Island, is the site of one of the oldest and most important Christian centers in England, founded by St. Aidan in 635. It was also the home of St. Cuthbert, who was active here later in the 600's. Like many similar sites, it was destroyed by the Vikings around 800, and later rebuilt in the 12th century. The ruins seen here are of that 12th century priory; nothing remains of the earlier Celtic period.

Lindisfarne Proiry & St. Mary's parish church (40,700 bytes)Lindisfarne Priory. Like Whitby, this is a 12th century ruin with no Celtic traces (29,160 bytes)Lindisfarne priory, with the parish cemetary (33,133 bytes)Priory church and Arches of the North transcept (49,086 bytes)
Statue of St. Cuthbert, and the Statue of St. Aidan (45,651 bytes)St. Cuthbert's Island, just off Holy Island (27,535 bytes)The Farnes, from Holy Island (31,203 bytes)Bamburgh Castle, from Holy Island (24,619 bytes)
The castle at Holy Island, from some ruined 14th century defences (32,046 bytes)Another view of the castle (36,672 bytes)Interior of St. Mary's church (42,662 bytes)Baptismal font cover, St. Mary's church (36,237 bytes) 

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