Knowth & Newgrange

The burial mounds at Knowth (32,741 bytes)One of the smaller tombs (38,254 bytes)Interior of the largest tomb (35,504 bytes)The mounds are supported by large stones with intricate carvings (36,059 bytes)
More carvings from Knowth (32,295 bytes)The burial mound at Newgrange (22,668 bytes)Entrance to the tomb - one could go in, but unfortunately no pictures allowed inside (34,091 bytes)Newgrange also has intricately carved stones (68,938 bytes)

Knowth and Newgrange are Neolithic burial mounds near each other, just to the north of Dublin. There is just one large, well-restored mound at Newgrange; several not-so-restored mounds at Knowth.

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