The Village and the Abbey
Iona from Fionnphort, across the sound (31,807 bytes) The Village (30,888 bytes) The Abbey (18,993 bytes) The Abbey (26,305 bytes) St. John's Cross & St. Columba's shrine (67,769 bytes)
St. Martin's Cross & entrance to the church (59,851 bytes) Abbey church interior (55,426 bytes) Abbey cloisters (47,992 bytes) Original of St. John's Cross, in the museum (44,164 bytes) Old (1200's?) graveslabs - once in the cemetary, now in the museum (42,501 bytes)
St. Oran's Chapel (12th century) and Reilig Odhrain - the ancient cemetary (31,002 bytes) The village, with Mull beyond (20,498 bytes) The Nunnery church (39,217 bytes) Nunnery church & gardens (42,764 bytes) Daytrippers disembarking from the ferry (41,579 bytes)
The Pilgrimage
A weekly hike, with songs and meditations, to sites around the island
Strat of the Pilgrimage (40,216 bytes) Gathering in front of St. Martin's Cross (23,576 bytes) On the Mhachair - common pasture on the other side of the island (30,086 bytes) On our way up from the Mhachair (41,717 bytes) And down to St. Columba's Bay (40,082 bytes)
  Down to St. Columba's Bay (27,686 bytes) At St. Columba's Bay - lunch stop (31,603 bytes) Tea break back at the Mhachair (45,607 bytes)  
  Hikes around the island  
Iona, the sound, and Mull beyond, from Dun I, highest point on the island (28,452 bytes) North end of the island from Dun I (33,583 bytes) the hermit's cell - possibly St. Columba's (49,633 bytes) The Mhachair (31,231 bytes) Another view of the Mhachair, from the south (37,448 bytes)
The approach to St. Columba's Bay (38,394 bytes) St. Columba's Bay (37,953 bytes) St. Columba's Bay (27,973 bytes) Port Ban (50,832 bytes) ? (61,228 bytes)
Goirtean Baeg, with Staffa off in the distance (35,932 bytes) Port Ban & Port Gruliann, from the iron-age hill fort atop Dun Bhuirg (28,074 bytes) The coast at the Mhachair (37,630 bytes) Beach at the Mhachair (39,199 bytes)  
Some flowers of Iona
I don't have a field guide to British flowers, so I don't know what most of these are.
? (58,288 bytes) ? (45,527 bytes)   an orchid (42,569 bytes) heather (44,156 bytes)

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