Trinity College (23,607 bytes) Street scene in Dublin, with Christ Church Cathedral (21,341 bytes) A Street in Dublin, across the River Liffey (28,245 bytes) St. Bartholomew's Church, which we attended one Sunday (44,066 bytes)
A Listmeet: a Jesuit student from Slovenia, Lee, Thomas, Chirsotpher, and English friend of William Ritchie, and William Ritchie, rector of St. Bartholomew's (23,687 bytes) Christopher & Thomas with Dermot, their RA at DCU CTYI (28,046 bytes) Christopher & Thomas with their instructor, Vinnie Butler (29,282 bytes)  

Just a few pictures of Dublin - the last two are of Thomas and Christopher at CTYI (Center for Talented Youth - Ireland), where they took a course in Archaeology at Dublin City University.

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