Dublin City University

These pictures taken by Christopher when he and Thomas attended an archaeology course at DCU as part of the Centre for Talented Youth - Ireland (CTYI). Most are of field trips they went on.

Arcaeology class at DCU (26,662 bytes)Feargal Close, site director for CTYI (27,338 bytes)Willy Bartley, asst. site director (37,753 bytes)Cut peat bog in the Wicklow Mts. (34,605 bytes)St. Kevin's bed - actually a bronze age copper mine (49,902 bytes)
Remains of church at St. Kevin's bed, Glendalough (49,880 bytes)Round tower at St. Kevin's Monastery, Glendalough (19,045 bytes)Site of Strongbow's castle (42,004 bytes)View from Strongbow's castle (45,522 bytes)Class on tour (30,417 bytes)
Limestone reefs - seen from Strongbow's castle (43,142 bytes)Vinnie & Natalie, Instructors (15,750 bytes)Class at Brown's Hill portal dolmen (32,157 bytes)  

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