Cavan & Kells

Typical Irish countryside, Co. Cavan (38,215 bytes)The Iron Mountains (25,620 bytes)Christopher goes off to look for standing stones & barrows (24,887 bytes)Rural Ireland (41,514 bytes)It's dinner time! (34,145 bytes)One of Cavan's residents (39,350 bytes)
Statue of St. Killian, apostle to Wurzburg (Germany), in Mullach, Co. Cavan (47,182 bytes)St. Columba's, Kells (16,733 bytes)High tower at St. Columba's, Kells (24,022 bytes)Typical street scene in Kells (25,562 bytes)A high cross at St. Columba's, Kells (37,782 bytes)The market high cross, Kells (that's our car in the background) (34,340 bytes)

The top row of pictures were taken on top of a hill between the town of Cavan & Ballyjamesduff, where our map indicated some standing stone circles and megalithic barrow tombs could be found.

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